DUI DWI Criminal Defense Lawyer in San Diego

Experienced DUI DWI Criminal Defense lawyer in San Diego, Kevin Lemieux represents people who have been charged with any crime — from serious felonies to  DUI charges. If your case is in Federal Court or State Court, Kevin Lemieux will fight for you and offers convenient flat fees so you don’t have to worry about constant legal bills–you can focus on getting this behind you, while all aspects of your case are handled, from investigation through trial.

San Diego DUI DWI  Criminal Defense attorney Kevin Lemieux is never afraid to go to trial. In most cases, prosecutors are more likely to offer better plea bargains when they know the defense lawyer is willing to try the case. If the government doesn’t want to deal, Kevin is never afraid to go to trial!

Important Note for DUI Clients: You only have 10 days from arrest to request a DMV hearing regarding suspension of your license.  DO NOT WAIT.  Call or email today!

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