Legal Separation Lawyer in San Diego

If you and your spouse are having trouble with your marriage, there are other options to consider aside from getting divorced or getting an annulment of your marriage. Some couples file for a legal separation before moving forward with a divorce or annulment. This helps both parties decide if they want to move forward with a divorce or annulment, and allows a couple to remain legally married while making orders relevant to assets, custody and support.

A legal separation is different from a trial separation, and you should understand the difference before moving forward with either form of separation from your spouse. This is why it is important to speak with a qualified legal separation lawyer in San Diego like Kevin Lemieux before filing for legal separation. 

Once both parties agree that their best and only option is a legal separation, the courts will determine the division of property and will have a say in child custody and support. Things can move faster than in a divorce case, as there is no waiting period for a legal separation; unlike the 6-month required waiting period for a divorce.

There may be other reasons why a couple would not want to move forward with a divorce, such as religious reasons or those involving residency of non-citizens or jeopardizing healthcare coverage eligibility if their marital status changes. It is best to consider all options before filing for legal separation in San Diego and to speak with a qualified legal separation lawyer for expert guidance through the process. 

Managing Attorney Kevin Lemieux, with 17 years of trial experience, has represented hundreds of individuals and families, and received multiple certifications and awards. Mr. Lemieux is also a trial skills instructor at the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, where he teaches and mentors other lawyers.

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