Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer in San Diego

The idea of discussing a prenup before marriage is never an easy topic to bring up to your future spouse, but it can help both parties in the long run to sort out financial issues. Call The Law Office of Kevin Lemieux to speak with a prenuptial agreement lawyer in San Diego for legal advice and to draft a prenuptial agreement.  

For a prenuptial agreement to be valid in California, the state has set certain requirements that must be included. It’s important to have a prenup prepared by a prenuptial agreement lawyer in San Diego that is experienced in drafting these types of agreements in compliance with California law.

So, what exactly is a prenuptial agreement – or, prenup? 

Well, it’s an agreement that is signed before a couple is married that outlines how assets or property will be distributed if the marriage ends in divorce. 

The agreements can vary, but generally covers the following topics:

  • Division of property, whether separately or jointly owned
  • Financial assets and retirement funds
  • Spousal support
  • Will or trust

A trained San Diego prenuptial agreement lawyer can draft an agreement that protects both spouses. This can help put your mind at ease, knowing that your finances are taken care of.

We can help assist you and your spouse with a prenuptial agreement to protect your assets in the event of a divorce. In most cases, it is better to decide and agree upon the division of property before entering into your marriage, rather than waiting to make the decision while going through a costly divorce. It’s also a good idea to discuss finances before marriage, and this can help you and your spouse take the first step. 

Prenuptial agreements are complicated and need to be drafted by a trained family law attorney in San Diego to ensure the proper terms are included. Managing Attorney Kevin Lemieux, with 17 years of trial experience, has represented hundreds of individuals and families, and received multiple certifications and awards. Kevin Lemieux is also a trial skills instructor at the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, where he teaches and mentors other lawyers.

Call the Law Office of Kevin Lemieux today for a free consultation to speak with a qualified San Diego prenuptial agreement lawyer.

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