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This case was a WIC 300(a) & (j)—physical abuse of a child, and risk to a sibling. An infant was found to have bilateral subdural hematomas, and bilateral retinal hemorrhages after a seizure. The child had numerous medical issues since birth, including being born with Methamphetamine and opioids in her system. (The baby was a foster child. My client was the foster parent.). CASE DISMISSED in the middle of trial via Directed Verdict from the Judge. The court found that there was no risk to the children and dismissed the case. Our experts showed that the child suffered birth injuries and/or pre-birth injuries, and was not the victim of abuse by the foster parents.


This case was a WIC 300(a) petition for physical abuse of a child. The infant suffered a broken arm, and the parents were accused of child abuse. CASE DISMISSED before trial. The child had suffered an accidental injury (inexperienced parent picked the child up by the arms)—this was not child abuse.


This was a WIC 300(a) petition for physical abuse of an infant. The child was found to have subdural hematomas following seizure-like activity. The child was returned to the parents immediately following trial.


This case was a WIC 300(a) petition with allegations of physical abuse to a toddler. CASE DISMISSED after 14 days of trial. The child was a 3 year autistic minor with documented self-harming behaviors which are typical in the ASD population (head banding, picking, hitting himself, etc). Court found that the child self-harms and mother did not abuse the child.


This was a WIC 300(a) petition. Infant was found with facial swelling and bruising and subconjunctival hemorrhage of the eye. CASE SETTLED with immediate return to the parents and petition changed to a 300(b) for neglect—the baby either rolled off of the bed on his own, or his sibling accidently dropped him from the bed while the parent was not in the room.


This case was a WIC 300(a) petition for physical abuse to a child. The infant was found to have a broken femur. CASE SETTLED with the petition being amended to a WIC 300(b), with no abuse language in the new petition. The child was immediately placed back with both parents. We were able to show that the child suffered an accidental fall (baby was dropped) but there was no intentional child abuse. (Note: tossing your cell phone while holding a baby is not recommended.)


WIC 300(a) petition for physical abuse of a child. Infant suffered Bilateral Subdural hematomas and metaphyseal corner fracture of tibia. CASE SETTLED—petition amended to a WIC 300(b) with immediate return to both parents. This child suffered birth injuries.


These was a case with WIC 300(d) and 300(j) petition for sexual abuse of a minor, and a sibling at risk of sexual abuse. PETITIONS DISMISSED. After an 8 day trial, the judge found that the parents were engaged in a toxic custody battle in family court, and the mother influenced the daughter to make sexual abuse allegations against the father in order to get full custody of the kids.


This case was a WIC 300(a) petition alleging physical abuse of an infant who suffered a broken collar bone. CASE DISMISSED after 3 days of trial. The clavicle fracture was not child abuse, as alleged by Rady’s Children’s hospital, but was a birth injury. The mother was in labor for 3 days, resulting in the most common hard labor injury to a baby—a broken clavicle.


This was a WIC 300(i) case for cruelty to a minor. Case settled with a change to a WIC 300(c) petition alleging mental and emotional disorder of the child.

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