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Trained San Diego child support lawyer Kevin Lemieux can represent you whether you have been ordered to pay child support, you are owed child support, or you need a child support order. Kevin Lemieux is an experienced child support lawyer and family law attorney that has successfully litigated hundreds of custody, support and divorce cases and is determined to get you the best outcome for your child support case in San Diego. 

Since California is an expensive state to live in, child support is an important aspect of divorce or legal separation and can be complicated to navigate. In San Diego, unmarried and divorced parents are both responsible to support their children financially, regardless of which parent has custody or income. Children should maintain a similar quality of life that they were enjoying before the divorce or separation occurred, and in order to maintain that lifestyle, child support may be needed.

How to determine child support expenses in California

In order to maintain your child’s quality of life, these are just some of the factors that determine child support payments in California:

  • Income of each parent including their most recent tax filing status
  • Healthcare costs like medical and dental insurance
  • The lifestyle of each parent
  • Child care costs like daycare or education
  • Visitation costs like travel
  • Any special needs the child may have
  • Custody share percentage

These are just some of the factors to consider. Child support is usually just one piece of a divorce or family case involving children and child custody in San Diego. These child support payments are due until the child turns 18 and graduates from high school.  Whether you are making the payments or are expecting to receive them, it’s important to work with a San Diego child support and family law attorney like Kevin Lemieux. Reach out today for a free consultation. 

Managing Attorney Kevin Lemieux, with 17 years of trial experience, has represented hundreds of individuals and families, and received multiple certifications and awards. Mr. Lemieux is also a trial skills instructor at the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, where he teaches and mentors other lawyers.

Call the Law Office of Kevin Lemieux today for a free consultation to speak with a qualified San Diego child support lawyer. 

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